Why Besenkunst?

Besenkunst literally means broom art and it evolved out of the question what makes an artist an artist.

Art accompanies me already my entire life but for most of the time I have not seen myself as an artist. It was Anthropology I had commited myself to and the deeper I immersed into science the more my own identity became the one of a scientist.

As art started to influence my scientific work and emerged as an excellent tool for the mediation of scientific contents, I began to ark myself if art and science are not more than compatible with each other.

In the early beginnings of my time as a PhD student a person entered my life, who incorporates the identity of an artist beyond any shadow of doubt.

“How does somebody actually become an artist?”

I put this question to this wise man, whose friendship surely influenced the importance of art in my daily life. I perceived myself as a scientist, but could I not have the identity of an artist at the same time?

“Firstly you need a broom.”

He grabbed such a broom directly beside him and together we started started dancing across the court.

As a Christmas gift I gave me a broom and painted it. In this way a broom enlarged my identity of the scientist with the one of the artist.

Besenkunst now stands here as a virtuell broom to show how the two souls in my breast found one another and mutually enriched each other.

Together, art and science blow away the dust in our brains.

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