Science far away from ivory towers

Our entire world is populated by small and the very smallest forms of life. The mikroBIOMIK society strives to open this world to all of us, to make it tangible and to give voice to these tiny life forms. Everybody propelled by curiosity can participate, shape and experience on- and offline in workshops and an interactive learning platform.

The project Humus Sapiens aims to discover the colourful life in the soil under our feed, since you can find already in a teaspoon more microorganisms than humans on earth. 


The Art OScience (TAOS)

Together with Dr. Thomas Schmutzer, a bioinformatician at the MLU Halle, I was part to geht TAOS going to bring more colour into the scientific world.

TAOS aims to enrich scientific publications with graphics and well told stories to make its content accessible even without detailed expertise.

After withdrawing from the organisation I will continue contributing graphics and words.

To be able to cover a broad diversity in both the graphical site as well as in scientific disciplines TAOS wants to create a network of artists, scientists and journalists, the TAOShub.

Come to visit us on, subscribe to the newsletter and become a part of the network.

Morex Genome – Cover

TEDx Halle 2018

“Change a running system“

One of our first steps with TAOS led us to the “Löwensaal” of the Martin Luther University in Halle. There I had the great pleasure to present our idea of TAOS in frame of a wonderful TEDx conference.

Watch the video here:

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