Drawing & Painting

What drives me…

… will sooner rather than later flow into a picture.

The content and my feeling decide on form and style. Probably for this very reason my science got its own unique pictorial work.

The tremendous diversity, beauty and all the fascinating structures among plants led me into botanical illustrations


The World of Triangulation Points

In summer 2017 I was spontaneously introduced into the basics of surveying technology. The spark came when I started to draw our beautiful timbered house to record the measured values. When we started to set up our own triangulation points all my inner sparks began to fly.

With my next step outside I saw all these triangulation and border points in a new light. Full of curiosity and affection I started to take photographs of their diversity and beauty. The world is full of them and yet they are all different.

Dust, rust and the little wonders of everyday life

I’ve always been attracted to them. If I find a rusty screw somewhere, I have to pick it up and take it with me. It’s the little things that fill even the grayest day with light and color.

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