…for curiosity


Graphic and illustration within the scientific world

Pictures are efficacious companions for scientific contents, whether within science in form of graphical abstracts and illustrative  image elements or for communication with others. Pictures leverage to a greater accessibility and easier understanding.


Science creates knowledge for everybody

Scientific research is for most of us an unattainable abstract room. The goal of the projects presented here is to coax the unquenchable thirst for research in all of us, to make it perceptible and to give access through images and direct contact into this abstract room.

The mikroBIOMIK society makes scientific research and discovery tangible and perceptible.

TAOS (the art of science) wants to facilitate the initial contact with scientific publications.


A glimpse into the cultural history of rye, barley & wheat

Did you know that our ancestors more than then thousand years ago already started to cultivate wild grasses in southwest Asia?

This is the exciting topic my PhD thesis deals with and of course the overall story is enriched by numerous illustrations. Here I want to give you a little insight into its content and visual world.


… for your soul

A book emerges

It is a delight to hold a beautiful book in one’s hand, to read in it and to browse, to take a smell, to stroke the linen…

After binding my Magister thesis myself (back then in an uncut glue binding) it was beyond any doubt that I would give my PhD thesis the form of a book myself. After all this time and love I spend for the graphical design of this piece the book had to receive an appropriate material shape. A thread stifting binding, hand-sewn, cut on 25 x 18.5 cm, a silk printed cloth binding and full of love.



As Picasso said so beautifully „Art washes away the dust of everyday life from the soul“

Here you will find works whose stories you may tell yourself.

At this point you find pieces where you are invited to tell the stories yourself.

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