Graphical material

All graphical material on the pages of Besenkunst are subject to the copyright. In case you want to use any please tell me why and for what and together we’ll find out what I can do for you.

Almost all pictures are from my own repertoire. Almost all?

The original of the title picture on the About-me page was made by the wonderful hobby photographer Christian Werwick.

The photo of myself on the bottom part of the startpage as well as some pictures of my bookbinding workshop, mainly those with my hands, trace back to the fabulous artist ZS. He had also been the one who brought the broom to its new status in my life.



If you are interested in my pictures, my ideas, my science or in general on what I do and you what to get in contact with me you can use this great contact form to send me a message:

If you prefer you can just send me an email to, but in fact the contact form will not do anything else.


Of course I treat your data confidential and I have no intention some sort of nonsense with them. More details on the protection of your data you can find here: Imprint and Data protection

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