A time for change

Nothing in our world is of permanence and looking at the history of life, we are only left with change as a certainty.

As humans, we may be concerned with the millions of years of history that have created the foundations of our being today, but we always remain limited to a few decades of life. It is truly nothing new that our western lifestyle cannot work in the long run. In terms of earth history, our lifespan may be incredibly short, so it seems all the more astonishing that the traces we have left behind in just a few decades will still be visible for tens of millennia.

It amazes me even more how we continue to race towards the wall at full speed with our eyes open. We know exactly where things are going wrong… and yet it seems unspeakably difficult to put the brakes on.

And yet change has begun. Slowly, our social and political foot is beginning to take a serious look at the brake pedal. So let’s work together to make sure we come to a stop before the very big catastrophe.

Let us save ourselves!

Not the End. A new Beginning!

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