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Where art meets science.


The communication of scientific findings is fundamental on the way  to gain knowledge within our society. If we are not able to convey our science, all these hardly acquired results are worthless.

Through art this knowledge can become understandable and communicated in another way.

I am Mona Schreiber, anthropologist and artist, driven by the wish to portray scientific findings through graphics and illustrations to make them easily accessible.

On the pages of the „Besenkunst“ I would like to give you insights into my creative world of science and art.

„We understand everything in human life through stories.“   
– Jean Paul Sartre –

As human beings we have a powerfull tendency towards good stories. It is quite natural for us to to put contents into causal context and to tie them into our brains with an invisible thread

Even if scientific knowledge is often build on a highly complex basis there are many stories to tell. Some of the most thrilling stories at all.

Pictures can touch us while telling a story in a different manner than text alone. Pictures can open us a more direct way into contents and make abstract findings accessible and tangible.

With that in mind my drawings became established in my scientific work to communicate my findings. In the beginning I was surprised by the enormous appreciation for my pictures within the scientific world. But the experience has shown that often a hand drawn illustration can transport complex findings better than spoken language alone.

Living cereal

But now feel free to go on a journey of discovery:

Prepare yourself a cup of tea, take some time and get inspired.

Broom art
Petri dish

You are excited about my work?

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Now, have a lot of fun while rummaging.

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