Art meets Science

I am Mona Schreiber and passionate to tell stories out of my world of science. 

Since I graduated as a Magistra Artium in (biological) anthropology and German philology I work as a scientist at the Leibniz institute of plant genetics and crop plant research (IPK) in Gatersleben at the eastern edge of the Harz mountains. There I  have started in frame of my PhD as member of the group domestication genomics to investigate the cultivation history of our cereal crops. Art, which mainly played a role for myself until then managed simultaeously to become a part of my professional life.

Scientific expertise

In my current work I am mainly concerned with with population- and palaeogenetics/-genomics, the Neolithic transition, the domestication of cereals and numerous other crop plants, bioinformatics, NGS data analysis, the human history in general and our cultural history within the past 10 000 years in particular.


Environmental education

I love to go out into nature together with children (and curious adults) to discover discover the miracles in a playful way.

Art & illustration

I still prefer to draw on paper but in the meantime the computer complements the creation of graphics. I paint with oil, acrylic, coffee, soil and plants. Photography conquered my heart on multiple levels. Silkscreen fascinates me through its unlimited variety of possibilities. My passion for books finds it expression in the art of bookbinding. At the same time I am continuously in search for new ways to let of steam and express myself.

The course of my life…

… I was born, went to the kindergarden and to school, played theatre and musical, communicated my opinion. I wanted to become a natural scientist, anthropologist, artist & carpenter…

… and then I found myself with the Abitur (high school certificate)in my pocket in a big, wide world,waiting to be discoverd.

Roughly what happened since then:


Scientific publications


Talks (selection) 

March 2015, „Computersimulationen zum Domestikationsprozess des taurinen Hausrindes in Europa“ – Archäometrie und Denkmalpflege – RGZM, Mainz.

December 2015, „Implementing genotyping-by-sequencing in rye“ – GPZ Workshop – IPK, Gatersleben.

September 2016, „Geo-genetic population structure and geneflow in Eurasian barley populations“ – 7th International Symposium in Biomolecular Archaeology – University museum of natural history, Oxford.

June 2017, „All bread is not baked in one oven – the complex domestication history of rye“ – 13th Plant Science Student Conference – IPB, Halle.

January 2018, „Geneflow between rye and its wild relatives“ – PAG XXVI – San Diego.

June 2018, „The art of science – make science more colorful“ – TEDx Uni Halle – Löwensaal MLU, Halle (watch the video here).

June 2018, „The cultural history of cereals from Iberia“ – 14th Plant Science Student Conference – IPK, Gatersleben.

November 2018, “Stories from 1002 Secale samples: Insights into the evolutionary history of domesticated rye and its wild relatives.” – 11th Yound Scientist Meeting – JKI, Braunschweig.



June 2017, PSSC at IPB Halle: Audience award for the best talk.

June 2018, PSSC  at IPK Gatersleben:  Audience award for the best talk.

October 2018, BEAGLE Award: awarded by the IPK Board of the directors and the PhD Student Board to support young scientists for their scientific work and the social commitment.

Christmas 2018, Knowable Magazine: Image of the week.

February 2019, PhD with honours: summa cum laude

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